10th April 2014

Guest Andy from T.N.S./R.O.T.P.M.

The Cravats -Terminus
Inner Terrestrials -Off With Their Heads
$wans -A Screw (Holy Money)
R.O.T.P.M. -Rita, Sue & Bob Too
R.O.T.P.M. -Things I Have Leaarned In My Life So Far (From the Cradle to the Rave Mix)
Atterkop -Enter the International Court of Justice
Simon Stabler -Poems
Attila the Stockbroker -The Bible According to Rupert Murdoch
Rail Yard Ghost -The Train That Can Fly (wrtitten by Tomas Garreton)
Enraged Minority -They Shall Not Pass
Angelic Upstarts -Anti Nazi
Stage Bottles -Fair Enough
The Ex -Sucked in Chucked Out Pt4
B.G.K. -Safety Last
B.G.K. – Arms Race
Minutmnen -This Ain’t No Picnic
No Confidence -Don’t Change
Rivers Run Dry -Bedsheets on Concrete
System of Hate -Ashes of Divinity

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