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Under The Pavement presents: Anarcho Punk Fair and Under The Pavement Tenth Birthday Party with vegan cakes and vegan beer!

12.00noon until 7.00pm on Saturday 16th June 2012

The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom Street, Salford, M3 6AN

Want a stall (it’s free!)? Then email david@underthepavement.org



Provisional Running Order

12.30pm: She’s A Punk Rocker Film & Discussion


A documentary that tells Punk ‘Herstory’ directly from some of the women who created the punk scene in the UK.
Directed by Zillah Minx of Rubella Ballet lead singer with anarchist punk band Rubella Ballet and featuring Eve Libertine and Gee Vaucher (Crass), Vi Subvera (Poison Girls), Ruth Radish (Hagar The Womb) and Olga Orbit (Youth In Asia).

2.00pm: The Day The Country Died Film & Discussion


A documentary about 1980’s anarcho-punk followed by a discussion of its relevance today. The film includes interviews and live footage from bands including Crass, Subhumans, Rubella Ballet, Chumbawamba, Conflict, Flux Of Pink Indians and many more.

4.00pm: Andy T 

A spoken word set by Andy T who released a single on Crass Records (Weary Of The Flesh) and is currently gigging and recording a new album.

5.00pm: Bullshit Detector Documentary

Bullshit Detector was a series of albums released on Crass Records compiled of tracks that were sent to the label. Film maker Dan Paolantonio will introduce Imperfect Cinema, show a fifteen minute cut of the Bullshit Detector documentary and will be joined by Andy T (who featured on the first album) to discuss its impact.

6.00pm: The Sanity Clause

The day will come to a close with an acoustic set from Sanity Clause.


Under The Pavement Radio Show
An anarchist radio show that has been broadcasting on community radio station ALL FM 96.9 in south Manchester for ten years! Whilst not exclusively anarcho-punk over the past ten years we’ve interviewed: Crass, Chumbawamba, Conflict, Subhumans, Oi Polloi, Black Star Dub Collective, Autonomads, Paranoid Visions, John Player Specials, Zounds, Blacklight Mutants and many, many more.

TNS Records
TNSrecords is a Manchester based independent record label. TNS (That’s Not Skanking) was founded in 2003 as a fanzine and to put on local gigs. In 2008 TNS evolved to include a D.I.Y Punk label run on not-for-profit basis with the aim of supporting great underground Punk & Ska.

Lynnmarie’s Vegan Cakes
Lynnmarie from Manchester Vegan Society will be selling vegan cakes :)

Prejudice Me Records Distro

Small DIY label & distro which helps fund community projects and radical causes. Please visit http://prejudiceme.bigcartel.com/ to see what we have or email prejudice_me@yahoo.co.uk for a full list.

Infiltrate the System Records
Rather than making money, I just want to help bands spread the Anti-fascist message. Wherever you are from and if you are interested in getting involved then just get in contact: i.t.s.records@hotmail.com

One Way Ticket To Cubesville
One Way Ticket To Cubesville started out in the early 1990s. Just like many of the punk bands it so loves, it recently reformed. It interviews some of the same bands and is strong proof that just because you are older doesn’t mean you have to compromise your politics, your music taste or any of your fundamentals. With a rich seam of lively anarchist politics, a warped sense of humour and a firmly DIY ethic, its exactly what zinery is all about.

Pants 4 Peace
Culturally speaking, War seems to have become an acceptable state to be in, the norm, like the perpetual war between oceania, eastasia and eurasia in Orwell’s 1984. Any Statements against war have become unfashionable and sidelined to the ‘loony’ left, the territory of the oddballs, the hippies and the punks, arty and spiritual types. Much of the peace movement from the broad left has traditionally focused on the ‘anti’ or action against something. P4P is about being part of a groundswell which aims to create positive change by creating happiness.
We’re not saying p4p will change the world, but it is an action of mild defiance in a world of passive compliance.


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